About me

I design+develop+deliver clean interactive interfaces.

My name is Diana Naftan and I am currently living in Bucharest, Romania.
I am a webdesigner doing interface design & enjoying HTML&CSS development.

    My Tools

    To bring my ideas to life i use Photoshop, Fireworks, Sublime Text, Dreamweaver, Balsamiq and I am a great fan of Firebug, PixelPerfect, MeasureIt & things that generally make life easier.

    My Goals

    My desire of crafting a positive user experience made me focus closely on human motivation & behavioral patterns.
    I learn every day more about the way users think and act on the web and how to build easy and clean web-user interactions.

    My Certifications

    I appreciate working with professionals and I choose to get things done in a professional manner.
    I am proud to have passed these exams:

    • Adobe Certified
      Expert Photoshop CS5

    • W3Certified
      HTML Developer

    • W3Certified
      CSS Developer